How do I get there? The flight plan–
First I bought a ticket from San Antonio to Buenos Aires (EZE), return flight Santiago to San Antonio. I purposely chose AeroMexico because I like the idea of getting out and stretching after 2 -1/2 hours flying time. That way I’d only have a 9-1/2 hours left to go. As appose to flying United, where I’d layover after 40 mins flying time to Houston, and then another 11 hours to BA. If that’s any explanation as to what goes on in my planning side of the brain.  I will arrive in BA on Easter morning 11:25 am. Easter in a South American city should be festive, can’t wait. I will spend 1 day/night there.

Next morning, I fly Aerolineas Agentina. This flight leaves from a different airport (AEP) than I’d arrived, this is probably a regional type airport and it’s practically right in the city. Flight time is 3-1/2 hours non-stop and I arrive in Ushuaia at 18:00. I will stay in Ushuaia for 2-nights. April 3, I embark the Stella Australis ship mid-afternoon and we depart at 20:00 hrs. 100 cabins, 210 passenger capacity, this is a new ship built in 2010.

Stella Australis- Day 1: Cape Horn and Wulaia Bay, Day 2: Piloto And Nena Glaciers, Day 3: Magdalena Island then disembark in Punta Arenas, Chile 11:30 am. I will stay 1-night in PA. April 7, I have an early flight 06:30 (ick) LAN Airlines. There looked to be only 2 flights a day leaving Punta Arenas to Santiago, very early or late afternoon. Flight is about 3-1/2 hours and non-stop.

I will spend 2 nights in Santiago, almost 3 nights, since my flight doesn’t leave until 23:45 on the 3rd day, April 9th. Again, I change planes in Mexico City and arrive back in San Antonio 1:05 pm April 10 (notice, now I return to using the American time when I arrive back in the US:)
Next blog I will color in more details of hotels/hostels and what I plan to do. And the big question– Is she going solo? and why?  Stay tuned!