Planning Patagonia part 2

I am about 6 weeks out from leaving on my trip and unfortunately I haven’t had much time to do more in-depth research on dining and things to do in each town. My travel business has been keeping me busy, and that’s a good thing.
The hotels/hostels are booked and I am excited about some of the interesting accommodations I’ve found-
Buenos Aires– Hotel Boutique Bonito ($60/night), this is very small (5 rooms) on the 3rd floor of an old style building. Each room is named and decorated by a different artist. The pictures on the web site look really neat and some rooms have balconies. Another thing the web-site says is each room comes with either a jacuzzi or a scotch douche? Hmmmm, I guess I will wait to be surprised.
Ushuaia– Hosteria Valle Frio ($100/night), This one I chose mainly for the price and location. Hotels in this town are very expensive. This is family owned small homey looking hotel close to the main street in town.
Punta Arenas, Chile– Hotel Rey Don Felipe ($117/night), Same with this one, best price for the location. I wanted to be close as possible to town. This one is probably the nicest of all the hotels on my trip. I am only here for 1/night. Punta Arenas hotels were pretty expensive.
Santiago, Chile– Andes Hostel ($50/night), I’m feeling young now- this hostel has really good rating and is very popular with the backpacker crowd. I’ve booked a private room with a shared bathroom. I like the idea of a hostel because they have common areas were everyone can mingle, and usually lots of other solo travelers. I’ve stayed at hostels several times in the past and it’s always been a good experience. I am here for 2 nights and on my third day my flight doesn’t depart until almost midnight. I decide to book a dorm room for that day @ $18/night so I at least have a place to plomp and store my luggage until leaving.
Yes, I will be a solo traveler for this trip. I have the best husband in the world for agreeing to this. He wasn’t crazy about visiting Patagonia anyway and I asked if I could go alone because I really want my own adventure. When I travel with him he makes it too easy for me. He can always speak the language, deals with the money, and I just follow along behind. I want to be on the frontline and do it myself, It keeps me sharp. The other reason I love traveling alone (and I used to do it a lot) it heightens your senses and you have to stay alert. I see and hear things that I wouldn’t normally observe when chatting with a partner. And for plain ole selfish reasons, I want to go/do/eat, whatever I want, whenever I want.