South America
March 31 Buenos Aires
My first time flying with AeroMexico, I give them 2 thumbs up!
Arrived Buenos Aires, the line going through customs was a mess. It took me almost 1-1/2 hrs to get out of there. I found the Manuel Tienda Leon tranportation desk, I’d pre-paid for a shuttle to their downtown terminal and planned on taking a taxi to my hotel from there. But for 15 pesos more they said they’d take me straight to the hotel.
My hotel ended up being more like a B&B or a hostel. No sign out front, I’m dropped off at building in a residential neighborhood with a door buzzer. Bonito Boutique is only 5 rooms on the 3rd floor. A girl gives me a key ring with a key to the front door of the building, and a key to my room. Then the staff leaves. Neat old building, I have a window with old fashion shutters and no screen, it was great, I slept with the window open listening to the street noise.
I found a nice Italian restaurant were you could see them making pasta through the window. Of, course I just pointed to things on the menu, it was OK, and it cost me a fortune. I need to remember to bring my Spanish dictionary with me next time, since I have no idea what I’m ordering.
April 1
It is some kind of holiday today and tomorrow. I walked around the neighborhood and everything is closed. I am looking for an ATM, I went to 3 before I found one with money in it. I was getting nervous, I had no pesos for my cab to the airport.
Ushuaia, very touristy and feels like a Colorado ski town. I couldn’t resist a restaurant with a open flame spit roasting whole pig carcass. I just had to have a piece of that and spent way too much on dinner again. Oh well, I have left-overs for lunch anyhow.
April 2
My hosteria is a house in a residential area about 4 blocks from town, I think there are only 5 rooms in here.
Big day today. I took a bus to the Tierra del Fuego National Park where they drop off at a trail head and pick up at the other end. 5-miles is a lot for me, but I thought what the heck, I’ll take my time and make a day of it. It was a beautiful hike, and it got pretty strenuous at times. I had only packed a left over pork chop from last night and a granola bar. I saw some very large woodpeckers, noisy ones at that, they sound just like “Woody” from the cartoon. I was able to complete the hike in 3 hrs, boy was I glad to see civilization, my knees were killing me.
Still some kind of holiday, farmacia cerrado (I need some more Tylenol), restaurants closed, all I could find for dinner was a bar. I had a crab pizza loaded with crab meat.
April 3
Heading to the ship this afternoon. Stay tuned!